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Vibration vest

why is in Germany the vest not recommended, as it is in the USA an absolute standard? The vibrations are obviously much stronger and longer as one could do it "by hand"...
Why there are no scientific studies on this topic? If there is such an essential difference between the recommended physiotherapy in Europe and USA, it must be possible, to analyse scientifically which way is the better one: with the vest or without? It would be very important to be able to give evidence based recommendations, not only "out of a feeling" or "because of tradition".
For example: Are lung function parameters different in comparable age categories in USA and in Germany? What is the average age at listing for lung transplantation due to CF in USA and in Germany?
Many thanks for your time and efforts.
you find answers to a similar questions if clicking on this links:

In additon Dr. Smaczny (university hospital, Frankfur) wrotes:
"Two questions from your mail to the expert team remain open:
1. Are there any differences in the lung function parameters in comparable age categories in USA and Germany?
2. How is the average age when CF patients are listed for lung transplantation in the USA and in Germany?
You wanted to know, how lung function parameters differ in comparable age categories in USA and Germany. In general it can be said, that there are no great differences, but this is a very general answer! Comparisons, that you articulate in your question, exceed however the function of the expert team, as one would have to do statistical queries and comparisons. That cannot be carried out by the expert team. However you could yourself look at the published data from registers in Germany and the USA. This is for Germany the report book 2012 (an actual one is just in the phase of being accomplished). The lung function parameters (here FEV1) can be found on page 30. Here is the link:
The comparable register for the USA is the Patient Registry, Annual Data Report to the Center Directors 2013. Here, the lung function can be found on page 55. Here is the link:
Please notify if it deals with percantage or median values!

Your second question concerns the average age at listing for lung transplantation. Even here, we cannot give you a concrete answer, as there are no country specific statistics either in GErmany, nor in the USA. In publications you will always only find data for the specific transplantation center, so that you cannot compare country wide data. Nevertheless we hope to have helped you a bit with our remarks and stay with our best regards,
Yours Dr. med. Christina Smaczny