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Posterior rhinorrhea

I have heard that in CF the posterior rhinorrhea is frequent. Why is it posterior and not flowing through the nose? Are the secretions purulent or on the contrary clear? What are the symptoms for a baby?

Nasal discharge is rare in CF patients because the mucus is dehydrated as in the lung. The term rhinorrhea means "flow". We speak of anterior rhinorrhea as the secretion comes out of the nose and posterior rhinorrhea when the nose secretions flow in the throat.

In cystic fibrosis there is no more anterior than posterior rhinorrhea.
Babies have no more anterior or posterior rhinorrhea than adults.

Washing the nose from one nasal cavity to the other helps to drain the mucus from the nasal cavity and to monitor whether the secretions are clear or purulent.

The secretions are clear in the absence of bacterial infection and are purulent in case of bacterial infection.

For babies, the physiological serum pipettes are ideal for washing the nose at least once a day.

Dr Virginie Escabasse