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I asked a question recently about the posterior rhinorea and I had as a response that the nasal discharge was rare in CF patients. But why do CF children repeat nasal rhinopharyngitis (with posterior nasal discharge) if rhinorrhea is rare? Can only ENT involvement be a moderate form?
A still clear discharge without fever with chronic dry cough can make one think of a cystic fibrosis? Thank you

Rhinopahryngitis is very common in all children, including those with cystic fibrosis.
If a child presents a clear clear rhinorrhea without fever with a cough an ENT consultation is needed to find out if the child does not have hypertrophy of the adenoids with a pediatric nasofibroscope. An allergic ground can also give clear rhinorrhea and cough.
A chronic posterior rhinorrhea with cough is not a typical sign of cystic fibrosis.

V. Escabasse