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CF mutation carriers

My wife and I are carriers of a CF mutation. Four years ago my wife was pregnant and she and I were tested and found positive. Afterwards, since the pregnancy was advanced, the doctor took a sample from the fetus, which was found to be just fine, not even a carrier. My wife is now pregnant for the second time. What testing must we do to find out if the fetus suffers from CF?
Dear friend,
You and your wife are carriers of a CF mutation. When she was pregnant the fetus was tested and found to be normal. I would like to know the kind of testing you underwent 4 years ago (amniocentesis or trophoblast) and the mutations that were tested.
The kind of testing performed on the fetus’s cells depends primarily on the age of the fetus (10-12 weeks trophoblast, 16-18 weeks amniocentesis).
In each and every pregnance there is a 25% chance for the fetus to suffer from CF, a 50% chance for the fetus to be a carrier of a CF mutation and a 25% chance for the fetus to be totally normal.

Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis