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White secretions

My 20-month-old baby has an inflammation of the nasal mucosa since December. His nose secretions only flow in his throat and do not come through his nose. On the advice of my pharmacist, I gave him a cure with "actisulfur"and the mucus came out white, whereas when I washed his nose essentially to the physiological serum, there was little or no secretions but it remained transparent. What is the significance of these white secretions? Is it the actisulfur that colors the mucus?

The white secretions reflect the presence of pus in its nasal cavities.
A bacteriological sampling of each nasal cavity is necessary. The antibiotic treatment will be adapted to the result of the samples.

There is no study on the actisulfre demonstrating that it allows to eradicate the bacterium. This treatment has no interest except the side washing but with very low volume.

To wash your baby's nose, I recommend that you use 3 to 4 pipettes of saline per nasal cavity or use a junior rhinohorn (washing system) with physiological saline in a 500ml bottle (reimbursed in France).

Look on the internet for pictures of the junior rhinohorn which can be used in small children (depending on the size of the entrance to the nasal cavity). It is used head leaning to the side to pass the serum from one nasal pit to the other.

Dr Virginie Escabasse (Créteil, INSERM Unit 955, Team 5)