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Pregnancy and aerosol


Mum of a 20-month-old CF baby, I just learned about my new pregnancy.

While waiting for a prenatal test to know if the child is affected, can I continue to administer tobramycin and colistin aerosols (and pulmozyme in the morning) alternately twice a day.

Knowing that during aerosol therapy, my daughter is sitting on my knees so I breathe a little the smoke coming out of the mask.

Thank you for your reply.
Dear questioner

In a CF patient, inhaled treatments (pulmozyme, colimycin, tobi ...) are usually continued during pregnancy. The passage of inhaled drugs into the blood is not zero but the blood concentration is much lower than when administered orally or intravenously.
In your case, the inhalation is less important since the dose is inhaled by your daughter, but probably not zero. Compared to smoking, we can speak of passive inhalation in your case.

I would tend to say that there is no risk but that if someone else can do the aerosol therapy to your daughter it is probably better...

Best regards,
Dr Isabelle Danner