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CF child with contact in school to MRSA-colonized child

Are there any concerns about teaching a CF child together with a child, who is colonized in the nose-throat area with MRSA (a new trial of eradication is not planned) in a class with only few pupils (special school)?
Dear questioner,
yes, there are indeed concerns about a common accomodation of a CF child with a child, colonized with MRSA.
In some studies it could be shown, that CF patients, who are colonized or even infected with MRSA, had a worse clinical course than patients, who had "only" a Staphylococcus aureus, that was not resistant to antibiotics. Therefore it should be avoided in any case, that CF patients get infected or colonized with MRSA. As a healthy person, who is colonized with MRSA, represents an increased risk of transmission of MRSA, contact to an MRSA colonized child should be avoided as much as possible.
Best regards,
Barbara Kahl