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Salt capsules

Hello I would like to know if there is an alternative to salt capsules for a 5-year-old CF child because he doesn't tolerate tolerate them. Thank you

It's important to supplement CF children with salt due to increased sweat loss of salt, especially in cases of intense physical activity or high heat.

The main thing is to bring more water and salt. Several solutions are possible.

The capsules or salt tablets, to be taken during the meal, are easy to use but not always well tolerated. It may be proposed to bring the necessary salt into the body in form of table salt, oral rehydration solution, or foods containing salt such as sausages, olives, chips, shrimps, cheese, bread, appetizers biscuits. One gram of salt is provided, for example, with 340 ml of rehydration solution, or 240 ml of Vichy St Yorre, or 60 gr of chips, or 1 slice of ham or 3 shrimps.

Don't hesitate to review this with the dietician, according to the tastes of your child, the foods to privilege.

Best regards
Dr. Michèle Gérardin