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Stomach pain after drinking milk

My 12-year-old CF daughter (with digestive problems since her birth) noticed that as soon as she had breakfast (cereals with cold milk, or a bowl of hot chocolate...) despite Creon, pain in the abdomen quickly occurs in the form of spasms.
Do you think that the cow's UHT milk can be the cause of these pains?
If yes do you have a solution to cure these pains other than remove the milk?
Thank you in advance.

It's difficult to answer in the affirmative.
Are there any cases of milk intolerance in your family?
Does your daughter take whole milk or ½ skimmed milk? If it is whole milk, you can try switching to semi-skimmed milk and evaluating her tolerance.
Similarly, it would be interesting to know if milk is well tolerated at other times of the day, which would demonstrate the absence of linkage between milk and abdominal pain.
If you remove the milk from breakfast, it is important to replace it with another dairy product such as a white cheese, yoghurt, or a piece of cheese, always with the intake of pancreatic extracts to be adapted according to the content of fat in the meal.

Best regards
Dr. Michèle Gérardin