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Inhalation device

I have a question concerning my inhalation device. I am 35 years old and suffer from CF. I inhale tobramycin (Bramitop), hypertonic saline 6% - 10ml and rh-DNAse (Pulmozyme). My former device PARI BOY does not function anymore after a quite short time interval. The motor burned. Now I am looking for an alternative. My question ist: can I also inhale with the device Flaem air pro 3000 plus ? (
Can I use this inhalation device also for inhalation of the above mentioned drugs? How should the optimal size of particles be - MMAD in µm?
Many thanks for an answer,
the inhalation device Flaem Air pro 3000 plus is not known to me, therefore I cannot make a statement about the hygienic procedure for the inhalation device, that should according to American guidelines, be disinfected once daily. This possibility should be given in any case.
In the instruction leaflet of the company Roche, producer of Pulmozyme, the device is not listed among the list of recommended devices. That does not mean, that it is not possible, it has just not been investigated.
After asking the company Chiesi (Bramitop/tobramycin) I got the answer, that the drug is only licensed for the Pari LC Plus and the Pari LC Sprint inhalation device and therefore could not be recommended by the company. This is for sure for law reasons. Also here, it does not mean, that the device could not be used either, however it would be without licensing and data.
The instruction leaflet says that 50% of droplets (when using Pari LC Sprint and Pari Turbo Boy) are smaller than 3.36 µm.
I also asked the manufacturer of the device, if you could inhale Bramitop and Pulmozyme with the Flaem Air pro 3000, and he said, this would not be a problem. On the Homepage of the Italian company it says that the MMAD of droplets are between 2.21µm and 2.95 µm; therefore quite in the respirable range; the company stated, that the size of droplets would even be better than in case of the Pari Inhalation devices.
I hope, I could help you further,
Best regards,
B. Dittmar