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i.v. Pseudomonas eradication therapy - dosage

Dear expert team,
I would have a question about the right dosage concering an intravenous Pseudomonas eradication therapy. After an inhalative trial did not bring long-lasting sucess in order to eradicate Pseudomonas completely, an i.v. therapy had been planned with my physician at the last visit. At this visit, my physician asked me about my weight. After I said it was 57 kg, the following dosage had been proposed after a short moment of thinking: 3 x 2 g ceftazidim and 1 x 300g tobramycin for 14 days.
Now I read in the literature, that much higher dosages of ceftazidim should be administered. Now I am insecure, if my physician had probably made a mistake when calculating the dosage according to my weight by head.
Would you please check the dosage? What would be the usual dosage for a weight of 57kg in case of an eradication therapy?
Many thanks for your help in advance!
the calculation of your individual dosage depends on different factors. The bodyweight is one of those. For cefatzidim the recommended dosage is in most cases 100-200 mg/kg/d, devided in 3 single dosages and for tobramycin 10mg/kg/d as a single dosage.
As besides the bodyweight other factors play a role in finding the right dosage, and because we cannot give medical recommendations in the expert panel via the internet but only give information, I recommend to discuss your question with your treating physician.
Best regards,
Dr. Christian Hügel