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Baby and physiotherapy


What is the best physiotherapy technique for a CF baby? Recover the mucus that comes out with a tissue or let the child swallow the mucus?

Best regards
It is difficult to give a clear answer.
It is important to see, and thus to spit, at least one sputum per session if the baby has secretions.
This makes it possible to see the color and the consistency of the sputum and therefore to follow up a possible infection.
We must keep in mind that this baby will have to do physiotherapy all its life, it must have confidence in its physiotherapist.
If the session looks like a battle, it does not seem good for the rest of the care.
Once the child is grown up, it is important that it knows how to expectorate for the same reasons but also to be able to easily do ECBC.
I hope to have answered your question.
Have a good day

Charlotte Lacarriere