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Since very young, my 5 year-old daughter performs 5 physiotherapy sessions per week, all over the year with only exceptionally on Wednesdays take away the summer. I have another CF center closer to our home which is much less strict with only 1 to 2 sessions per week.
Why is such a difference between the different centers?
Is there research, about what is the best follow-up?
I am very pleased with its follow-up but I do not understand this difference on a primary treatment in cystic fibrosis children.
The international recommendations are 1 session per week.
However, some centers decide to adapt to the congestion of the child, in order not to steer it in relation to physiotherapy and not to reinforce the inflammation.
In case of a child having secretions, a session a day is essential, in those who are not secreting yet it is possible to be more flexible.
It is best to discuss this with the physician and physiotherapist of the center.
I hope to have answered your question.
Have a good day
Charlotte Lacarriere