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Loss of taste / smell

Dear team,
I have lost my taste and smell for 10 months now. I am an adult with CF, have polypes, have been operated twice on those polypes and it should not be done another time; because in the MRI it was not looking that bad. You have already answered me in October 2016, and I did everything that you proposed.
Twice daily inhalation with Pari Sinus, with saline solution, pulmicort and tobramycin. After 6 months of this therapy, my mucosa in the nose is totally irritated and I could scratch all the time. However, smell and taste are still gone.
In the meantime I took oral cortisone for 3 weeks in spite of my difficulties with that - however this was successful for only two days and nothing else than sleeplessness and unrest occurred. Then it was closed again.
I really do not know what else to do. Before, I had a social life, ate a lot with peolpe, the small nice things, that remain. I am really down with my mood, feel like being cut from life, as I am really a sensible human. (And also the pulmonal finding is already in your mind.) I have the impression, nobody can help me (ENT) resp. takes it really for serious (hospital). Do you have an idea?
Thank you again.
even if I do not know any helpful measures - if something like oral cortisone does not even help - I would like to take the following into account - the mentioned "drawing back" could be a form of a depressive reaction. The way one deals with another burden is not always the same and probably you could work on this with a therapeut?
Best regards,
Prof. TOF Wagner