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Symptoms of baby

Dear team,
By instance, a gallstone has been discovered in our 12 months-old son. The physician is sending us now for having a sweat test done. He has had a cold about 3 times, with cough. The symptoms disappeared however within one week without drugs. His nose is frequently congested. Otherwise we do not have any problems. He thrives normally and his digestion is functioning without problems resp. we are not aware of unnormalities. Can this be really a hint for CF?
Many thanks for your answer
you report, that a gallstone has been found per instance in your 12 month-old son and that your treating physician proposed to have a sweat test done. You report, that your son had only so far 3 little infections of the airways with cough and rhinitis and that those infections disappeard after a short time spontaneoulsy. Your son had a good digestion and gains weight normally. You ask, if the gallstone could really be a hint for CF.
In general the appearance of CF in the first year of life could be very varying. In about 75% of the newborns, there is a pancreatic insufficiency from birth on and leads fast to failure to thrive and fatty stools without treatment. Severe infections of the airways are seen in newborns and young babies in very different frequencies. Severe symptoms of the liver with e.g. prolonged increased bilirubin is seen only in 1-2% of the newborns. The development of gallstones can be a hint for CF. These gallstones are normally however seen only in older children with CF and mostly only in children with pancreatic insufficieny. From your information I assume, that the pancreas of your son is working. For being secure, you could have checked the function of the pancreas by determination of the fecal elastase I.
I assume, that other reasons are underlying for the development of a gallstone in your son. For being secure, the sweat test should be done, than one can look for other possible reasons.
I wish you much luck and soon clarity.
Best regards,
Dr. H.-G. Posselt