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Benefits of not visiting a public school

My 5-year-old CF daughter (delta f 508) has never been educated in a public school for a personal choice. She has many contacts despite all (sports and family environment)... Never been hospitalized, never had an IV antibiotic treatment... Do you believe it's due to non-schooling?
Thank you

You have chosen to prevent your child from being placed in a community, in order to preserve her from certain infections. Most CF centers recommend avoiding the visit of group day-care centers for infants and young children, but they accompany parents towards kindergarten schooling by means of a Individualized Project ("PAI"), which specifies the needs of the CF child, particularly in terms of hygiene.

Modes of contamination are uncertain, and recommendations in the field of hygiene should be considered with caution. Some children attending kindergarten are never admitted to hospital, other children kept at home may need IV antibiotics.

So, not educating a child in a public school does not protect it from infections. Moreover, the school is an essential socialization space, different from the sports community, and which will allow the child to feel "like the others". That is why it seems important to us that the CF child benefits from the usual educational background. CF coordinating nurses can help you develop the IAP, communicate with the school about the disease, and may even intervene within the school. Do not hesitate to tell them about it.

I wish you to approach this new and beautiful stage of your child's life with confidence and serenity.
Dr. Michèle Gérardin