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High blood pressure (associated to the intake of the pill?)

My daughter is 26 years old, has CF and persistently high blood pressure, it does not matter which drugs she takes because of CF. She is doing anti-conception with the pill. Can the pill be resposible in CF for causing other symptoms compared to a healthy women, e.g. high blood pressure?
Many thanks,
Dear questioner,
the question is since when your dauhger suffers from high blood pressure? Did it start with beginning to take the pill? The pill can lead to high blood pressure in all women and has therefore to be stopped in case of high blood pressure. A preexisting high blood pressure is a contra-indication for the pill. There is however one exception: the estrogen-free pill (so-called mini-pill) can probably be given in case of high blood pressure.
Your daughter should contact your gynecologist if another pill would be more favourable.
I hope to have helped your with my answer.
Dr. A.-U. Stücker