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Flight travel with haemoptysis

Dear expert team,
I have a stable CF with a vital capacity of 95%, FEV1 of about 80% and PEF about 80%. CRP 1. No infections in the last 3 years. Stable weight of 70kg/1,71.
Since a short period of time I have a bit blood in the sputum. A few days ago, after I ran to the busstop, I realized more blood in the sputum, which has been totally red once. Then I made an inhalation pause and took care of myself for the following two days. Now I started to inhale again an have ongoing blood in the sputum.
I have read, that blood in the sputum in case of CF could be normal due to inflammations.
As I plan in about 3 weeks a flight to italy (duration of the flight 2 hours): do you consider the flight travel to be a problem because of the blood in the sputum?
Best regards,
M. (52 years old)
Dear M.,
in general haeoptysis should be taken for serious. Often the reasons are local infections in the bronchial system in case of CF patients, which are treated often by an antibiotic therapy. Haemoptysis is in general not a contraindication for a flight travel. The recommendation would be to get an appointment in your CF center and to talk about a possilbe antibiotic therapy and to decide afterwards, if you want to do the flight travel.
Best regards,
Wolfgang Gleiber