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Looking for mucolytic drug

For a short period of time, I cannot get the oral mycolytic drug ambroxol anymore, that I took for the last 30 years with success. Therefore I am looking for a new oral mucolytic drug.
Do you have a recommendation which one to choose?

F. 45 years old
most of CF therapists do not use oral mucolytic drugs in the way they used to do it 30 years ago. In that time there were only few drugs available to make the mucus more fluid, therefore ambroxol and acetyl-cysteine were given to every CF patient. Today, we have inhalative drugs, that are acting much more effective, which is proven by studies - in contrast to oral mucolytic drugs, for which we do not have many up to no good data. Therefore please contact your physician if not one of the inhalative drugs is suitable for you and could replace effectively ambroxol.
Best regards,
Dr. J. Bargon