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Backpack holiday

I am leaving to Norway by car this summer and I am planning to make a multi-day trip with backpack.

What is the best way to sterilize my aerosol ? I have heard of javeltablets but then I have to find a source of fresh water each time.

Also, I wonder how to keep pulmozyme permanently below 8 degrees celcius, because that also seems to be difficult to reach through a cooling bag.

Thank you for this question.

This website is not meant for providing specific advice for treatment of individual patients. Of course, this is something you should discuss with your doctor.

In general, however, we can say if it is not possible to keep Pulmozyme below 8 degrees, the use of a medicine like f.i. hypertonic saline solution that is not dependent on temperature can be an option.

For the sterilization of a device and a sprayset, the use of javeltablets is a possibility. Water that has boiled for 10 minutes is also clean.

But, remember, we expect you to discuss this information with you doctor.
Best regards,
Prof. K. de Boeck