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Can you please give information about airconditioning systems?
Dear questionr,
Thank you for your question regarding the use of air purifiers and home ventilation systems, in Cystic Fibrosis.
We refer to an answer that already has been given earlier on this site:
There are many types of air purifiers & home ventilation systems available on the market and they make a wide variety of claims regarding their efficacy in reducing air pollutants within the home. They also range greatly in price and can be extremely expensive.
Currently there is no evidence that either air purifiers or home ventilation systems will have any effect on the health of people with cystic fibrosis. There have been many papers written with regard to the use of these systems in asthma and allergic rhinitis and HEPA air filtration systems seemed to come out in the most positive light.
There has been some evidence that ionizer air purifiers can produce ozone which has been shown to cause an increase in respiratory symptoms and therefore should be avoided in people with respiratory conditions.
There are many simple things that can be done to improve the air quality within the home such as
• Good ventilation: regularly opening windows
• Frequent vacuuming and not allowing the bag to become too full before changing it
• Wiping down surfaces frequently and minimising clutter on surfaces
• Extractor fans in kitchens & bathrooms to prevent a build up of moisture
• Cleaning away any mould that develops in these areas as soon as possible
• Minimising carpeted areas in the home

Best regards,
Prof. K. de Boeck