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Edible mould on salami

Often one can find on Italian or French salami a powdered coating with edible mould on the outer skin. Is this kind of mould dangerous for CF patients?
Many thanks and best regards,
Dear S.O.,
edible mould is put on cheese or salami for the following reasons:
on the on hand, one wants to prohibit a non-wanted connection between the food and other microorganisms, i.a. dangerous mould fungi, therefore for conservational reasons and on the other hand specific flavours occur, therefore to have an enoblement of the product.
The today used edible mould fungi are a pure cultivated form, therefore they do not produce fungal toxins (so-called mycotoxins). In the literature there are no reports about respiratory infections or allergic reactions due to the both most used Penicillium strains.
In summary, these edible mould fungi do not represent a danger for CF patients.
Best regards,
Jörg Steinmann