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Organoid usage in Switzerland

I want to know if it is possible in Switzerland to test new substances/drugs mutation-specifically with organoids (mini-gut of stem cells)! According to Hans Clevers biotechnology Hubrecht institute with that substances can be tested for seldom mutations. I mean study substances for CF patients
Regards from Switzerland (CF patient, 40)
not in Germany nor in Switzerland a testing of mutation-specific drugs for efficacy is actually possible and probably at the moment doesn't make sense, as the method is not standardized and established (not elsewhere apart form the experimental frame).
For patients in Switzerland this is actually not very sensibel, as only Kalydeco is licensed and will be paid by the insurance and this in the frame of a clear defined limitation. Even if in case of such a testing it came out, that Kalydeco would be potentially efficient in a not-licensed mutation, this would not lead to payment of the costs.
With best regards,
Dr. med Andreas Jung (Switzerland) and Dr. med. Christina Smaczny