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pseudomonas bacteria

Dear reader,

My brother-in-law has installed an electric humidifier in his house. He has to replace the water every month (this is stagnant water). The water is NOT heated but is still on the floor (room temp.). Does it give more risk for the Pseudomonas bacteria? My son has CF. His visits are rather monthly than daily.
Thank you for the advice!
Dear questioner,
Thank you for your question. Although there is no hard evidence, it is likely that the moist environment in humidifiers could encourage growth of bacteria or bugs that are potentially harmful to CF.
There are many simple things that can be done to improve the air quality within the home such as
• Good ventilation: regularly opening windows
• Frequent vacuuming and not allowing the bag to become too full before changing it
• Wiping down surfaces frequently and minimising clutter on surfaces
• Extractor fans in kitchens & bathrooms to prevent a build-up of moisture
• Cleaning away any mould that develops in these areas as soon as possible
• Minimising carpeted areas in the home
In your specific case of rare visits to a well maintained house, the risk is probably negligeable. But your CF centre may have recommended a package of care for your son and it is important to adhere to their recommendations and discuss any issues such as this with them.
Best regards,
Prof. K. DeBoeck