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Has research been done yet whether there is a correlation between ADHD and CF? Is there a link? For example regarding certain prescribed medications for CF?
Dear questioner,
ADHD is a psychiatric diagnosis in which the symptoms of attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsivity are central. Some studies have focused on CF in combination with ADHD, but the results are not unambiguous. The most recent studies do not show association between ADHD symptoms and specific CF parameters (BMI or lung function). Nor were there indications whether patients with ADHD would have a worse treatment adherence. Those recent studies suggest a correlation link between a genetic predisposition to ADHD and an increased exposure to inflammation and stress from illness. Patients with CF with that a genetic predisposition to ADHD may have an increased risk of developing ADHD. However, these suggestions are based on a very small number of patients and further research is absolutely necessary.

Patients with CF often have a huge list of medication and caution is required when prescribing more medication, also because of possible interaction between the medication (for example some ADHD medication can reduce the appetite).

It is of importance that the diagnosis ADHD is carefully made by a specialized psychiatrist who can then set up a treatment plan in cooperation with the CF team.

Best regards,
Prof. K. de Boeck