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Inhalation of 6% NaCl solution with eflow rapid

The CF center told me, that they would not prescribe the eflow rapid nebulizer for our daughter, as it would not be suitable for the inhalation with 6% NaCl solution.
In the product leaflet however, it says that 6% NaCl can be inhaled with the eflow, only the membrane has to be well cared for: immediately rinsing, two times a week backwash, after each inhalation disinfection.
What do you think?
Best regards,
according to the manufacturer, Mucoclear 6% can be inhaled with the Pari eflow. Important is the instant rinsing of the membrane, in order to remove rests of the sodium chloride. The bakwashing with Easy Care should only be done according to the manufacturer, if the nebulization time of 2.5ml 0.9% NaCl lasts longer than 4 minutes and per life duration of the membrance should not be done more than 25 times.
Please ask your center again, why they do not want to prescribe the eflow. Probably for the following reasons:
- Many children have problems with the quick nebulization of 6% NaCl as the very close fog causes coughing, this is often better when using the LC-sprint nebulizer
- also for very young children (under 6) with an insufficient inhalation technique the eflow is not suitable, as the loss of drug is high
According to my experience this device is sensibel in case of many inhalations and only if the inhalation technique is good. Then, if there is not much time (before school), it is a good device.
Best regards,
Birgit Dittmar