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distended gallbladder and hyperechogenic bowel

Our second baby (I am 20 weeks pregnant) was diagnosed with distended gallbladder and hyperechogenic bowel.
Are these two connected, or not? Could you give us some information about the first, which is somewhat rare? Is amniocentesis advisable?
Dear friend,
The fetus you carry has been diagnosed with distended gallbladder and hyperechogenic bowel.
The prebirth anomalies that are connected with CF are:
Hyperechogenic bowel 0.5-5%
Distended intestinal loops 30%
Meconium peritonitis 10-40%

When both parents are carriers of typical CF mutations than amniocentesis is advisable for an early genetic diagnosis.
Hyperechogenic bowel is not a result exclusively of CF, but it could be a result of:
CMV infection, blood swallowing and chromosomic anomalies.
A contractured gallbladder can be related to CF, but I do not have in mind a relation between CF and a distended gallbladder.

Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis