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Orkambi or Symkevi - contraception

I am thinking about changing from Orkambi, which had a good effect in my case, to Symkevi. In the studies it could be shown that the increasement of the FEV1 lung value is even 1-2% better compared to Orkambi and there should be less side effects.
Now my question: can I switch again to hormonal contraception (the pill) if I take Symkevi instead of Orkambi?
Many thanks
Dear questioner,
Symkevi is at the moment a very new drug, so there are no large investigations availalbe. According to the information from the company, there are no interactions with hormonal contraceptive drugs. I would recommend a so-called one-phase pills, as the hormon dosage is the same every day (no changes of the hormons during the phase of intake) .
I hope, I could have helped you.
Best regards,
Dr. A.-U. Stücker