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Cbd oil (Cannabidiol)

Have studies been done regarding lung function / CF and CBD oil? Why and why not / what are the possible results?
Dear questioner,
The most frequent application of CBD oil is for reducing pain, anxiety and depression. Sometimes also used in epilepsy.
On the internet it is suggested that CBD can help with CF treatment f.i. in reducing chronic pain, reducing coughing, improving appetite and reducing inflammation.
As far as I know, there are only a few or no studies that study the safety and efficacy of this medicine in patients with CF. Reducing the cough stimulus can, for example, can leave mucus instead of coughing them up efficiently.
I have also found a study that shows in laboratory tests that these agents can negatively influence the functioning of the CF chlorine channel.

We strongly advise not! starting CBD oil on your own initiative. It also has some possible side effects. Always discuss this first with your doctor before considering this.
Best regards,
Kris de Boeck