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I would like to ask the users about their experience with this inhalator. I am considering to purchase this inhalator but was unable to find any information on the internet except for technical data. Is the quality of inhalation at least comparable to the inhalation with Pari Master? How often do you have to replace the membrane? What is the availability and price of the new membranes? My doctor informed me that apparently 1/3 of inhalation solution remains unused in the inhalator. Is that the truth?
Thank you in advance for your information. Roman Seda, Zlin
Sorry for a late reply caused by vaccation period. There is only technical data on the internet about e-flow. Detailed information, as well as experience of e-flow users can be found through CF Club at best – The price of e-flow inhalator has risen slightly from January 1 2008 due to the fact that the package now contains two nebulisers (at current price CZK 27.765,-). While one is being cleaned the other can be used. The membrane must be replaced after each 6 months at maximum. The membrane looks like an „oscillating collander“ and the medication is forced through it. It contains about 3000 holes with 1 micron in diameter. The lower the number of holes the worse the output, respectively the inhalation time. This happens no matter how well you clean the membrane. That is why the membrane has to be changed after 6 months. The whole nebuliser should be changed after one year. The membrane is a part of nebuliser (currently costing CZK 2.710,-). It is more complicated to compare inhalations with e-flow and with PARI Master. The company proofs that the inhalation time is significantly faster. The inhalator is more efficient. With some medications even10x more.GSD (Geometric Standard Deviation) - a wide spectrum of fog particles is narrower. The sputum secretion loosens practically immediately. The inhalation with e-flow is more effective compared to PARI Master. On the other hand we lack a valid clinical trial about sufficient deposition of medication in the lungs, which is the main criteria for us. Due to this fact we currently don’t recommend e-flow as the only inhalator but as an alternative – for example before going to school, when there isnt much time, on vaccation, and so on. The membrane availability is immediate according to the company representative. They always have more than ten membranes in stock. The current price is CZK 1.860,-. About 1/4 to 1/3 of medications remains in the nebuliser after inhalation. Most of the medication was tested for PARI Master. The phial containing the medication corresponds with the output of PARI Master. PARI e-flow has a higher output. According to the company there could be a danger of overdosing.
There are other inhalators in EU countries which are based on the same principal as e-flow that are being used for inhalation of all medications, including antibiotics and Pulmozyme. In some countries, such as Great Britain, PARI Masters are almost no longer used.
Should you have more technical questions, please contact Mr. Cerny, a representative of PARI - For user oriented questions and experience of those who have already been using e-flow, please contact –
Best regards, Jitka Brazova