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Distilled water

it has been recommended to us, to clean the inhalettes only with distilled water. With that one spends the 5l-bottle very no later than 4 cleaning procedures it is empty. The insurance does not cover the distilled water. Therefore the question: can one clean also with normal water?
Many thanks for your answer.
there are indeed inhalation devices, which should only be cleaned with distilled water, as otherwise the membrane can calcify easily. At cleaning with normal water it can be, that the membrane is not really permeable anymore because of this and therefore the inhalative capability can not be guaranteed anymore. Then the effectiveness of the inhaled drugs is not secured anymore. Yes, unfortunately the insurance does not cover the costs for distilled water, however there are in divers drugstores cheap offers for the 5l-bottles of distilled water.
All the best,
Silke van Konigsbruggen