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Research results

Dear expert team,
I have read on an internet side about CF, that there is some research going on with an ingredient of curry, which is thought to have a positive effect when having del508 mutation. As my son (8 months) has this mutation, I am now interested how hopeful this report is respectively how this ingredient leads to an improvement of the CF disease?
that has been quite a sensation in the year of 2004 as it has been published in the reputable research magazine, that "curcumine", an ingredient of curry, could correct the disorder of the chloride channel. Unfortunately the following studies revealed, that with eating curry not enough of this substance can be taken up and anyway one of many problems in that concept seems to be the uptake of a sufficient amount of the curcumine in order to have the effect. There is no clinical usefulness of curry. However one has learned, that there will be other substances on this level who do not suspend the effects of the genetic defect but can reduce it via correction (that are so-called "correctors") or via stimualtion of the rest of the effect of the defective genentic product (that are so-called "potentiators"). The use of such substances in clinical studies has just begun, but a routine use can be expected however only in a few years.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagener