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Dwarf rabbit = germs?

Hello dear expert team,

our dwarf rabbit is hobbling around freely without a cage (only) in the living room, where we also put his “rabbit toilet,” a box of ca. 20x30 cm which we wash out and fill with splints and straw every day. There is a small bowl filled with dried granules and hay standing next to it. Our son (chronic PSA) “only” cuddles with the rabbit. Nevertheless I would like to know whether all this can be considered a safe source of pseudomonas, aspergillus or other germs and whether we should get rid of the rabbit if necessary??

Many thanks for your answer.

Certainly people will differ on the question whether a rabbit living in the living room without a cage satisfies hygiene requirements. There is probably no danger for your child if he cuddles with the rabbit. If the rabbit’s litter pan is cleaned daily, it should not constitute a source of infection for your child. I would suggest nevertheless not having your child clean the litter pan. Since your son already carries pseudomonas, this germ constitutes a risk. With aspergillus, I do not see a problem when following the measures mentioned above. Other problematic germs are not to be expected, either.

Perhaps you should do an allergy test (RAST test) for rabbit epithelia in order to rule out an allergization for your child.

Kind regards
Dr. H.-G. Posselt