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Cat in the bed

Dear expert team,

I noted with delight that I can keep my cat even after my transplantation. However, I was advised not to clean the litter pan myself and not to allow my cat to get into my bed. Unfortunately, I have an open passage way between my living room and my bedroom and do not know how to keep my cat from continuing to sleep with me. She is an absolute house cat and toxoplasma negative. Am I taking a risk if the cat will continue living with me under these circumstances?

Than you for an answer.
C. Z.
Dear Mr. Z.

from your description, I take it that you have been informed about having a cat after lung transplantation and that you are trying to follow the recommendations. One has to stress, though, that from a medical perspective the approval of having a cat after lung transplantation is contingent on certain prerequisites (such as, for example, prohibiting cats in the bed) in order to minimize as much as possible the risk of a potential infection with germs that are transmitted by cats. Therefore the handling of the pet must be adapted to the new circumstances. Unfortunately we cannot offer you any practical solutions, but I assume that you will certainly think of a way to keep your cat away from your bed if you actually want that.

Kind regards,
Dr. C. Smaczny.