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Air-source heat pump

Is it sensible with a CF diagnosis to install an air-source heat pump with controlled living space ventilation? Many thanks for your prompt answer!

With CF, caution is advised concerning condensed water. This develops wherever warm air cools down, because cold air has a lesser water holding capacity than warm air. Particularly such modern systems with energy recovery (i.e., the so-called air-source heat pump) will invariably produce condensed water, and this constitutes the risk of germ formation.

What we cannot judge here is whether this only applies for the exhaust air and whether that air is exclusively directed outward. If, in the system you mention, there is any contact between the exhaust system with the general ventilation system and germs could thus get into the living space, installing it would certainly not be advisable under any circumstances.

Dr. Gleiber has already talked about the issue of “air conditioning and humidifiers” in the expert advice. He clearly advises against the use of ventilation systems. You can find his answer under the key term air conditioning via the following link:[showitem]=132&tx_expertadvice_pi1[search]=klimaanlage

[Translator’s comment: the following section was modified from the original to make it more universally applicable, not just relating to Germany and this particular questioner’s situation.]
Perhaps it would also help to check with your country’s federal environmental agency for recommendations and information on the risks of germ formation in ventilation and air conditioning systems. We hope to have helped you with this answer.

Kind regards,
Birgit Dembski