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Swine flu vaccination

should CF patients (son, 9 years) be vaccinated against the swine flu if there is the possibility?
Many thanks for your answer
at the moment there is no detailed information, when and if the vaccine against the swine flu will be licensed.
The world-health organization pronounced itself preliminarily in favour of the vaccination against the swine flu in july 2009.
Hereby the following procedure was considered: that if the vaccine will be licensed and available, than at first staff of the health system and chronically ill patients should be vaccinated. Under the group of chronically ill patients count also patients with CF.
Because of possible side-effects there are on-going discussions and with the production of the vaccine there seem to be some problems, too. Therefore it is still unclear, when we can ecpect the vaccine.
From the physician's point of view it could be said, that if a well-tolerated vaccine should be licensed, then a vaccination of CF patients will be recommeded (as it is also the case with the seasonal influenza vaccine). More detailed information is at the moment not possible.
Please follow also the information on the website of the Mukoviszidose e.V. [ for German speaking citizens] under and stay concerning this question in conatct with your CF doctor in charge.
More detailed information about the "new influenza" you will find under [for german speaking citizens]:

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Christina Smaczny