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Swine flu vaccination during inhalation with antibiotics


You already answered a question regarding vaccination during IV antibiotics therapy [this refers to the question “Swine flu vaccination during IV therapy”].

Can I transfer your recommendation (finish antibiotics therapy first , THEN get the vaccination) 1:1 to the inhalation with Colistin? Sometimes the antibiotics therapy takes several months and maybe it is too late for a vaccination until then.

What to do? Stop the inhalation for a while and then get the vaccination? If yes, stop for how long?

Many thanks for your answer.

My answer „antibiotics therapy first and then vaccination” [see other question and answer] refers to intravenous antibiotics therapy but also to antibiotics in form of tablets or inhalation if this is applied because of acute exacerbation.
Patients with antibiotics long-term therapy (without acute exacerbation) – by inhalation or as well orally (in form of tablets) – can (and also should) get the vaccination against the flu (“regular” flu and swine flu).

Best regards,
Dr. Christina Smaczny