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4 weeks until a flight to Bangkok

Regular flu shot was 3 weeks ago. Flight is in 4 weeks.

Should I get vaccinated [this probably refers to swine flu vaccination], and when is the right time?

the recommendation of the permanent vaccination commission [a committee at the Robert Koch Institute, affiliated to the German Government Health Authorities, which recommends vaccinations] for patients with chronic diseases of the lungs and the respiratory tracts is as follows: vaccination against seasonal influenza (“normal” influenza vaccination), and then after two weeks vaccination against “swine flu.”

Currently, the German CF foundation, in agreement with their doctoral working group, strongly recommends that all affected persons get touch with your CF center/outpatient clinic in order to clarify whether there are any individual reasons against getting a vaccination at this point. If this is not the case, a vaccination should be done.

In other words: basically, you should get vaccinated, but only your CF clinic can decide if and when.

Kind regards
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner