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Swine flu vaccine

Dear expert team,

there are two vaccines against the new influenza A (H1N1): Pandemrix® (with adjuvants) and Celvapan® (without adjuvants). As a CF patient, would it not be better to prefer the latter in order to reduce side effects?

[Translator's comment: information specific to Germany was omitted in the translation.]

Dear Questioneer,

The vaccine Pandemrix (containing an adjuvans) does not contain complete dead virus particles. The adjuvans qualen from shark can cause side effects. The vaccine Celvapan (without adjuvans) contains complete dead virus particles and therefore can also cause side effects. Therefore, the advantage of Celvapan does not exist. In the future a vaccine without complete dead virus particles and without adjuvans will be available. May be this will be preferable compared to the other two vaccines to reduce the rate of side effects in CF patients.

Hoping to have facilitated the decision for you,

I remain

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Gerd Döring