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Dear expert team,

My question is: I am 30 years old and have an FEV1 of currently 81% which is stable for about 10 years now. How is the prospect for me or in other words: is it possible to predict if the FEV1 has to deteriorate inevitably?

Many thanks.

Congratulation on your good lung function and let’s hope that it continues!

Any comments about the prospect course of the disease would be speculative because:
1.) I do not have any further information about your course of the disease until now unless the single value of your lung function (FEV1).
2.) I do not know you personally and therefore I am not able to get a medical picture of your disease.
3.) Generally speaking, health prognoses are only possible with reservation since in CF, for example, the occurrence of special problems cannot be anticipated.

However, it can be stated that:
If a CF patient has a stable lung function for so many years (as in your case) you can be optimistic with regards to the future. It has to be assumed, however, that other complications do not influence the course of the disease in a negative way – but we should stay optimistic!

Best regards,
Dr. Christina Smaczny