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Is rehabilitation with Acapella sufficient or should one additionally perform other forms of rehabilitation (percussion, vest)
In case of a child, who is only learning how to use Acapella, additional passive techniques of rehabilitation are recommended (those, which were used so far). It is generally advantageous, that as soon as possible, children should perform more active techniques of rehabilitation (i.a. Acapella or autogenic drainage), but obviously each patient should be treated individually. The correct using of Acapella is sufficient. Additional technique of rehabilitation should rather be the physical activity. However, if the progression of the disease requires elongated and more frequent daily therapeutic sessions, the passive techniques of physiotherapy mentioned in your question can be helpful (percussion, vest).
With kind regards,
prof. dr hab. Wojciech Cichy
dr med. Natalia Kobelska-Dubiel
Counseling: mgr Monika Domagalska
12.5.11 Please find additional information in this former question:[showitem]=171&tx_expertadvice_pi1[search]=