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Humid sulfur rooms - treatment of pseudomonas or other bacterias

First of all I would like to tell that I have son with CF, 2 y.o. He had pseudomonas 1 year ago, treated succesfully but now he has pseudomonas again. Waiting for 2nd phase of treatment in the hospital. I want to tell another thing:I visited in Sicilia, Italia, Terme di Sciacca. I spoke to the doctor about my son´s diagnosis and he recomended me visit with him small room with sulfur humedad which comes directly from the ground. He will sit in the small room and breathing this sulfur directly from the space of room (small drops of sulfur water, like from PARI BOY equipment).
I would like to ask if there is somebody who has the same experience. And what does the doctors say about it?
Thank you
Dear questioner,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding sulphur rooms. This therapy has no evidence base to recommend it in people with cystic fibrosis. Indeed I would have some concerns about going into humidified environments where there may be other bacteria that could cause infection in your son’s lungs. I am not exactly sure what sulphur Humydad is but these sorts of humidified natural therapies, I think, are to be avoided. Additionally they often charge a significant amount to use the facilities and make wild and unsubstantiated claims regarding the effectiveness of their therapy. There is nothing to recommend this therapy.

I would recommend you speak to your CF team about this

Best wishes

Professor Stuart Elborn