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Homeopathy and CF

Would homeopathy be of any help for the improvement of the life of a baby with CF? Can it bring any good to the pulmonary system and the pancreas? Or can it fight pseudomonas? Is it worth it to use it in parallel?
Dear friend,
Homeopathy is regarded to have unproven efficacy in the field of CF and is not a scientifically approved procedure.
As long as it does not cause any harm to the patient, and as long as the scientifically orthodox therapies, prescribed by the CF doctor are followed to the letter, and not neglected for the shake of homeopathy, patients may use homeopathy, if they wish so. Nevertheless, the CF doctor must be informed about the administration of homeopathy therapy, in order to monitor the results and to proceed to the termination of the said therapy, if he judges that it intervenes with the administration, or the efficacy of the standard therapy.
Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis