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Can I get an injection into the joint if I had MRSA in the nose until recently but am clean now?


I assume that you are an CF individual and that you know the meaning of the acronym MRSA and the problems resulting from it.

Reading your question I understand that your nasal mucosa was colonized but that currently there is no proof of MRSA in the nasal swab.
Is there no proof either for the throat swab and the swab from the groin?

Have you even been diseased with MRSA or has the germ only been transmitted to you, e.g., from your family environment or in connection with your professional activity?

Unfortunately, you do not give information about your health status. However, it is important to know the answers to these questions before one can judge how dangerous the colonization with MRSA can be for a person.

Regardless whether there is a colonization with MRSA or not, joint aspirations always carry a certain risk and should only be done according to strict guidelines.
In your case, should there be a need for aspiration, the skin should be disinfected with utmost carefulness at all events.
Summarizing, I can only inform you that you have to talk with your doctor in charge about the risk since only he/she knows the various aspects that have to be taken into consideration for a risk assessment.

Best regards,
C. v. Mallinckrodt