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Breathing technique for gymnastics with theraband and endurance training


Due to the helpful tips of your physiotherapist, I was able to optimize my inhalation therapy. Many thanks!

Now I have a question concerning gymnastics with a Thera-band® and also concerning endurance training. Which breathing technique can I (43 years old) use under strain due to the CF and asthma? I am prone to forced expiration (exhaling on exertion) and have usually tightening of the bronchi after exercise even though I inhale one puff of Symbicort® before. How should I breathe during endurance training? And can I build up muscles with the Thera-band®, or do I have to lift weights for that?

Many thanks for your efforts and kind regards.

I am happy to read that you were successful in optimizing your inhalation therapy. Thank you for your feedback.

Now concerning your current questions: I am not able to answer your individual case sufficiently, since I know you and your findings only superficially. Many therapeutic options depend on the patient’s lung function and oxygen saturation. I will therefore keep my answers rather general.

1.) In principle, you can use a Thera-band® for strength training. Which kind of strength training you prefer depends on your personal likings as well as on local training options. You would have to discuss this question with your local therapist and decide whether you would prefer exercising in your domestic environment or at a gym (or something similar), and which exercises you could consider.

2.) Breathing training is a basic part of modern CF breathing physiotherapy. You should practice your breathing under strain with your physiotherapist. When exercising, you should do pursed lip breathing.

3a.) Forced expiration (exahling on exertion) can lead to a tightening of the bronchia.
3b.) Perhaps you should make adjustments in the inhalation before exercise? You would have to clarify this issue with your treating doctor.

Continued good luck with your physiotherapy and all the best,
Kathrin Könecke