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Liquid sputum in the morning


I am 39 yr old CF patient with F508 del mutation. I am chronically colonized with P. aeruginosa and I have few exacerbations that I can usually handle properly.
Since February (and my last antibiotic course), my sputum has became very liquid in the morning, which is disturbing. I have performed sputum examination and they found no new bacteria. I drink a lot of water and I have not changed my drinking recently.
Is there anything to do?

It is difficult to answer your question but I have some insights in your problem. First, except when severe dehydration occurs, hydration state (and the fact that you drink a lot of water or not) does not significantly alter mucus viscosity. The absence of new bacteria in your sputum is reassuring. I believe that you check with your physician to disccuss the requirement of an IV antibiotic course. Meanwhile, you could probably intesify your bronchial drainage (physiotherapy).
Best regards,
Dr Pierre-Régis Burgel