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Increased airway resistance

Dear expert,

The lung function test of our son, 5 years old, always shows an increased to highly increased airways obstruction. Which measures (devices, perhaps Cornet) are appropriate? We use the flutter daily, RC cornet every now and then. Thank you for your information.

Here is an answer to your question about an increased airway resistance. Devices to reduce an increased airway resistance are (classics in CF physiotherapy) PEP (positive expiratory pressure) system, flutter and Cornet. These devices are based on an active expiration against a defined resistance (compare: pursed lip breathing). You should be trained and monitored by an experienced CF-physiotherapist when performing this kind of airway clearance technique. When using them it must be taken into account that “much” does not help much, but rather may bring about the contrary. Cave: Let a physiotherapist monitor your breathing. Too little does not help at all!

In your case I would try the PEP system – but only under a physiotherapist’s instruction. Used in a specific way it may reduce the increased resistance of the airways. Important: the reason for the increased airway resistance should be clarified by a doctor!

Yours sincerely,
Kathrin Könecke