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Colloidal silver

Can colloidal silver be taken for fighting bacteria in case of CF and can it also be inhaled? Is there any recent research?
since my first remarks (see Ecorn 2009), several scientific publications have appeared on this topic. They deal especially with nano-particles as a transport vehicle system for antimicrobial substances. In here it could be shown, that the inhalation of silver covered substances could lead to a longer stay of the anti-infectious substances in the lungs of mice compared to uncovered substances. This could lead to a reduction of the needed dosage and frequency of the applied medications. Silver covered or antimicrobial substances with a silver nucleus are in addition highly efficient in the treatment of biofilms, that are also made from bacteria in case of CF, namely via overcoming of the biofilm protection shell. The findings of these partly still very theoretical investigational models (in the animal experiment) could be helpful in the development of strategies that have as a goal the reduction of dosage of efficient antimicrobial substances in case of CF patients with multi-resistant germs. In contrast, for the clinical use of colloidal sliver in case of CF, either orally or inhalative, there is still no scientific basis.

Best regards,
Dr. Helmut Ellemunter