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Perenterol® or other probiotics on the prescription?

[original question & answer come from the German platform]


I have just started a long-term antibiotic treatment with Zithromax® (Azithromycin), in addition to an interval therapy with Cotrim® (Cotrimoxazole): intake for 10 days, pause for 4 weeks.

That is really stressing my intestinal tract, so my physician has prescribed Perenterol® (containing the yeast Sacharomyces cerevisiae), but the arising costs are just covered for minors, like the pharmacist said.

Are there any exceptional rules for cystic fibrosis or long term antibiotics? Are there any alternatives?
I cannot afford this medicine on my own, but unfortunately I am already suffering of the side-effects like flatulence and diarrhea.

Thank you.


Perenterol® belongs to the list of medications which do not require any prescription, and which are not prescribable.
In exceptional cases non-prescription requiring medications can be prescribed, e.g. when the medicine belongs to the therapeutic standard concerning the treatment of the disease.
Probiotics, like Perenterol®, do not belong currently to the approved therapeutic standard.
Within the limits of the experts’ board which cannot give any medical advices, but just can inform you, it would be sensible to consult another time your physician in order to discuss the further procedure and a possible alternative for the long term antibiotics.

Kind regards,
Dr. Christian Hügel