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Massage devices

Do one has to consider anything in using massage devices privatley at small CF patients? The mother, who I care for, want to buy one for her daughter and is made uncertain from all sides, therefore I would like to hear the expert team...the device should only be used aditionally by the mother, all other therapies go on normally.
Best regards,
for this questions I had to talk to some physiotherapists, who know more about massage devices than I do.
The physiotherapists are very sceptical concerning the use of massage devices, as many patients have an unstable bronchial system and then one has to dehort it. For an effective CF therapy, those (mostly expensive) devices are not required. Before starting to use a massage device, one should in any case discuss it with the doctor in charge.
For a pure "well-feeling massage", e.g. for relaxing of the back, there are simple hand-rolled devices in drugstores, which are cheap.
Yours sincerely,
G. Becker